RTP Laboratory and Greenhouse

Project Type Science & Technology

Location Durham, North Carolina

Completion Date June, 2021

In early 2021, Integrated Design competed with two top national design firms to win a spec-built laboratory and greenhouse project for a national developer in Research Triangle Park. With compartmentalization options, the BL2P- and BSL-2-capable building may be single- or multi-tenant. These capabilities come in addition to a striking modern building design that reflects the cutting-edge research conducted on the site. The flexibility provides additional options for the client to market to prospective tenants. The project CDs are set to be delivered in mid-2023.

By placing 16,000 square feet of headhouse and greenhouse atop a 16,000-square-foot laboratory and office building, Integrated Design maximized the use of the available land for the project and thus the return on investment for the client

Large canopies provide multiple benefits to the building. They serve to support a roof-mounted photovoltaic system. This in turn offsets power usage and shades the building. The shading effect lessens the heat load on the thermal envelope and provides a dappled light "tree canopy" above the patios, giving relief from the sun and welcoming access to outdoor spaces.