Leesville Medical Office Building

Project Type Science & Technology

Location Raleigh, North Carolina

A 24,000-square-foot medical office building with a pharmacy and urgent care center on the first two floors. The project is situated on a sloped section of Leesville Road and was designed to have a strong presence on the corner despite its lower floor sitting almost a story below the adjacent street level. The upper floors are wrapped in opaque cladding to create a form that rests on columns and glass below, appearing as though the building is levitating above the ground. Multi-colored wall panels create what seems to be a random pattern but pay homage to images of medical testing displays provided by the client.

Cementitious fiber panels of varying colors provide a unique patterning system on the exterior of the building, creating an elevated level of visual intrigue.

Given the unique slope of the site, the building's design makes it appear as though it is elevated off the ground floor to meet the adjacent street level at Leesville Road.