Our approach

Prioritizing a collaborative approach to design, Integrated Design places emphasis on fostering early and ongoing engagement from all project stakeholders. This comprehensive integration helps to ensure optimal coordination between team members and our clients. Our project teams are strategically assembled based on two key criteria: specialized knowledge and experience in specific project types, and a proven track record of successful collaboration.



“Integrated” isn’t just a part of our name; it’s a part of everything we do. We believe that great work comes from a variety of voices at the table and that everyone’s expertise and experience are not only valued but required — because different viewpoints and backgrounds create truly great design that makes an impact.

Six Integrated Design colleagues gathered around a table discussing a project.



We don’t thrive in processes that are “set ’n’ forget,” so we work in partnership with our clients to ensure the finished product is something everyone involved can be proud to function within. That means we do our best to go above and beyond in getting the job done in ways that make sense to stakeholders.



We're passionate in our pursuit of knowledge – and understand that there’s always something more to learn. The “starchitect” persona who believes perfection has been achieved, and that ego is enough for a job well done, is a relic of the past (and we’d prefer it stay that way).

Hands at a table browsing through color palettes and swatches.
A stack of blueprints and design books on a desk.



We believe the success of any project requires defining clear goals and a defining vision developed with the input of everyone involved. We listen to our clients’ ideas and help further develop them into clear, attainable project goals and constraints.

Two Integrated Design colleagues discussing a 3D design model at a table.
3D models sitting on a table of various buildings and design elements.



Our foundations are built upon form and function, but we also believe there should always be a time for pushing the envelope. Our goal is to never deliver “good enough,” and we’ll continuously strive to find ways in partnership with our client to present ideas and projects that reflect the personality and heart of a design in new and interesting ways.

Hands holding a 3D design model.
Four Integrated Design colleagues discussing various projects at a table.